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  • DabaDoc Terms of Use

    1. General Provisions

    1.1. Definitions

    For the purposes of these Conditions of Use, terms beginning with a capital letter are defined as follows:

    • The term "service" here refers to all the services offered by the Company DabaDoc.
    • The term "Website" means the website for accessing Services.
    • The terms "healthcare professional" or "practitioner" means health professionals who are registered on the Service.
    • The term "benefit" means here any consultation, medical procedure or treatment proposed and directed by a healthcare professional as part of an appointment.
    • The terms "You", "User" or "Patient" means here any natural person accessing the Website and the Service benefits under private use.
    • The term "Company" refers DabaDoc the company that publishes and operates the Website and provides the Service Users and Health Professionals.

    1.2. Acceptance of Service Terms of use

    These Terms of Use of the Service are intended to define the conditions in which the user can benefit from the service provided by the Company. Use of this service is subject to unconditional acceptance by the User of the Terms of Service of use.

    By accessing the Website and enjoying the Service, the User therefore acknowledges having read and understood the entirety of these Terms of Use, and agree, without limitation or qualification.

    If the User does not accept these conditions, it must cease using the Website and waive benefit from the Service offered by the Company.

    1.3. Application fields

    These Conditions of Use are effective as of 30 July 2013.Elles are applicable to any use of the Site by the User. These conditions are subject to Moroccan law: any foreigner User expressly accepts the application of Moroccan law through the Service.

    In the event that a particular contractual clause would be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Terms do was not altered.

    1.4. Changing Service Terms Of Use

    The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Service at any time without notice or information and without prejudice. The applicable Terms of Use of Service are those in effect on the date and the start time of the next box User: "I accept the Terms and Conditions"

    2. Service Description

    2.1. Service Purpose

    The website to search for a Healthcare Professional, view the slots available in Health professionals around an address, and make an appointment online with one of them.

    The Service aims to facilitate the linking between Patient and Practitioner and never to replace it. Furthermore, the Service is not a referral service of a healthcare professional and is not intended to substitute for the free choice of practitioner, in accordance with the legislation in force.

    2.2. Service Operation

    The User accesses the Service via the website.

    On the site, the User can:

    • Find a Health Professional from geographical parameters, exercised specialty or registered
    • View information on the Health Professionals matching their search that they have chosen to offer their record Practitioner
    • Make an appointment with a healthcare professional of their choice based on availability of these
    • Manage appointments (confirmation or cancellation of appointment) and to follow the history to a personal account

    Each request for appointment is transmitted in real time to a Health Professional who has to accept that the appointment be confirmed and the linkage between the User and the Health Professional is deemed proven

    2.3. Free service for the User

    The service is offered free of charge to the user.

    2.4. Creating a personal account

    To access his account, the user must provide a cell phone number and email address where they will receive a confirmation code or confirmation link, respectively.

    2.5. Service Limitations

    A basic listing on the platlform is free of charge for doctors.

    Booking an appointment is free of charge for the user, but any other event or transaction outside the booking of an appointment on the platform is subject to other terms and conditions, including but not limited to pricing.

    Information displayed on Health Professionals is entirely their responsiblity. DabaDoc can not be held liable for any improper performance or information provided by Health Professionals on the platform. DabaDoc can not be held liabre for any costs incurred by a User or Health Professional in any context.

    2.6. Emergency Situations

    The service proposed by DabaDoc is not meant for emergency situations. Every appointment request is subject to the confirmation of appointment by the Health Professional and can therefor cause delays in responses.

    3. Information provided by Health Professionals

    Information provided by Health Professionals on their profile page is their sole responsiblity. DabaDoc does not verify this information and accepts no responsibility for the acurateness of this information whatsoever.

    4. Terms of Use

    4.1. Access to the Service

    The Service is open for use to all given the below conditions:

    • Must be of legal age in the user's legal jurisdiction
    • Accept with restriction or reserve the DabaDoc Terms and Conditions of Use
    • Consent to the collection of private information to the extent covered by our Privacy Policy
    • Provide accurate and authentic information when creating a user account
    • In no case can DabaDoc be held liable for any false information provided by users

    4.2. Rules of Conduct

    Access to the Service offered by the Company implies that the user agrees to respect a charter of good conduct. Use of the Service is subject to the acceptance and strict compliance with the rules below:

    • Using the Service to make an appointment constitutes a firm commitment on the part of the User to the Healthcare Professional. The User agrees to assume all the consequences of a no-show or late arrival to an appointment,
    • The User undertakes to inform the Company or the healthcare professional if unable to go to an appointment made through the Site. He will use for the functionality "Cancel an appointment" when logging into the account,
    • The User agrees to use the Service for personal use: the Service may in no way be used for commercial or financial gain, and in particular may under no circumstances be used to gather commercial information ,
    • The User agrees not to access and use the Site or the Service provided by the Company for unlawful purposes or for the purpose of causing harm to the reputation and image of the Company or generally to infringe rights, including intellectual property of the Company and / or Health Professionals,
    • The User agrees not to use devices or software other than those provided by the Company in order to affect or attempt to affect the operation of the Site or Service or to extract or modify all or part of the Site,
    • The User agrees not to copy all or part of the Content on the Site in any media whatsoever without written permission from the Company,
    • In general, the User agrees to access and use the Site and the Services in good faith, reasonably, not contrary to the terms of this Charter and for a strictly personal use and not for commercial purposes.

    In case of breach of any of these commitments, and without this list being exhaustive, the User acknowledges and accepts that the Company shall have the right to refuse, unilaterally and without prior notice, access to all or part of the Website

    5. Limitation of Liability

    5.1. Service Availability

    The Company makes every effort to make its service available around the clock, seven days a week. However, the Company does not provide any service continuity guarantee.

    The Company can not be held liable for damages related to the temporary inability to access any of the services offered by the Site.

    5.2. Modification of Site

    The Company reserves the right to modify, suspend, at any time, temporarily or permanently all or part of the Service without notice and without right of users to pay.

    5.3. User Responsibility

    Users are solely responsible for their use of the Website and the Service.

    The Company shall in no event be liable in connection with proceedings brought against the User who has said to improperly use the Website and / or the service it provides .

    The User acknowledges and accepts in this regard they will be personally responsible for any claim or proceeding brought against the Company due to the improper use by them of the Service and / or the Website.

    5.4. Force majeure

    The responsibility of the Company may not be sought if the execution of one of its obligations is prevented or delayed due to force majeure as defined by case law of Moroccan courts, including natural disasters, Fire, malfunction or interruption of the telecommunications network or the power grid.

    6. Complaint and Termination

    For information on the operation of the Service accessible through the Site, the User is invited to browse through the Site

    Each User may at any time terminate his personal account by contacting us via email on [email protected]

    7. Protection of the distinctive signs

    The trademarks, logos, company names, trade names, signs and domain name are not susceptible to distinctive signs of use without the express consent of their owner.

    Any representation, reproduction or partial or total use of these distinguishing marks is thus prohibited and constitutes trademark infringement, pursuant to the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property OMPIC, usurpation of corporate name, trade name and name Domain committing torts of its author.