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Frequently Asked Questions
About DabaDoc

  • What is DabaDoc ?
    • DabaDoc is an online platform which allows patients to easily find and book an appointment with an available doctor nearby that meets their needs at any time and on any device. Doctors listed on DabaDoc can optimize their schedule and interact with their patients.

  • Does DabaDoc replace doctor’s assistants ?
    • Absolutely not! DabaDoc helps optimize doctors’ schedules, allowing assistants to focus further on tending to patients already in the doctor’s practice. DabaDoc generally helps reduce the amount of calls a doctor’s practice receives, as well as late arrivals and no-shows.

  • Are all doctors on DabaDoc ?
    • Not yet! You can find on our website all doctors or dentists who have chosen to join DabaDoc. And they are more and more doctors joining us to simplify your life.

  • When will DabaDoc be available in my city ?
    • We are expanding rapidly and may reach your city soon!

How do I book and manage an appointment ?

  • How do I book an appointment ?
    • 1. Select the desired specialty

      2. Enter your city so DabaDoc offers the closest doctors

      3. Choose the doctor and the slot that suits you

      4. Fill in the required fields of the form

      5. Enter the code that is sent by SMS

      In one click your appointment is taken

  • How do I know if my appointment is confirmed ?
    • When your request appointment is confirmed, you'll receive an email and a SMS confirmation of the date and time of your appointment.


  • How can I cancel or change an appointment ?
    • 1. Go on

      2. Click My Account

      3. On patient space, click "access patient account"

      4. Insert your email address and click "access my appointments"

      5. Click "Cancel appointment"

  • How to find a practitioner ?
    • How to find a practitioner ?

      I. How to find a practitioner by his name ?

      2. Select "Name" and enter the first letters of the desired practitioner

      3. Click search and you will be redirected to their profile DabaDoc

      If your practitioner does not appear, it means it is not registered on our site.

      II. How to find a pratitioner by his specialty ?

      You are looking for a general practitioner or specialist near you ?

      2. Select "specialty", type the first letters of the specialty or scroll the list box.

      3. Select the desired specialty.

      4. Select your city so DabaDoc offers the closest doctors.

      5. Click "Search" to access the list of practitioners.

Professionnels de santé

Is booking an appointment free ?

About DabaDoc Mind

  • Why consult a psychologist or psychotherapist online?

      Besides its effectiveness, which has been proven by numerous scientific studies, consulting a psychologist at a distance offers several other advantages. Some people prefer to express themselves in writing, while others feel more comfortable communicating via video conference at home. Online psychotherapy offers this flexibility.

      No more travelling, just finding an Internet connection to start psychotherapy. Residents of remote areas finally have safe and easy access to mental health services.

  • Are online consultations confidential?
    • All exchanges on the DabaDoc platform are completely confidential. Moreover, in accordance with their code of ethics, mental health professionals are bound by professional secrecy. All data is encrypted and accessible only to you and the specialist.

  • Who are the therapists?
    • The therapists offered in this package are accredited, experienced and with more than 5 years of experience. They are strongly committed to providing personalized counseling and follow-up. Their references are checked by DabaDoc.

  • How much does it cost?
    • The DabaDoc Mind pack is available in two types of packs: 790 dhs for 2 sessions and 1890 dhs for 5 sessions.

  • Can I change therapists?
    • It is possible to change therapist at the first teleconsultation or after. To do so, please contact our customer service at 06 08 08 56 56.

  • How long is my pack valid for?
    • After subscribing to a pack, you have a period of time to schedule your video consultations with your psychotherapist, of :

      • 30 days for the 2 sessions pack
      • 90 days for the 5 sessions pack
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